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The Book

After Sonia’s true identity is revealed, she learns not only that she is Jewish, but that her birth mother, who now lives in Israel, wants her back. Although she first attempts to ignore the news and move forward, the question of her heritage beckons her to probe into her past. Sonia searches for answers to the introspective question: What does it mean to be Jewish?


She decides that the answers can only be found in her birth mother’s home, in Israel. But getting there is complicated and Raisa, Sonia’s birth mother, has secrets about her past that are too painful to reveal. Their final reunion, secured through persistence, politics and luck, is far from idyllic. Sonia resents Raisa’s attempt to erase or, worse, “re-write” the first 20 years of her life.


As she ventures on a quest for spiritual enlightenment and romantic love, for Sonia, Israel is the land of opportunity; a place where she can truly embrace her new found Jewishness and be true to herself.